strange house designs

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strange house designs

strange house designs - It Truly Is viable to succeed in a great space layout with a low budget. to achieve this, one must invest keenly on the architectural layout. A decent example is Allan Donovan's Area in Kitengela which is designed with a West African idea in mind-flat roof with pigeon holes in the beginning parapet wall.Another example is the Hacienda Eco Metropolis development in Mombasa which is likewise coincidentally designed with a West African/Islamic architectural concept with a flat roof and pigeon holes on the parapet walling.

The presidential State Inns in Sagana, Nyeri is also a magnificent piece of architecture that has utilized architectural layout to acquire greatness without essentially using very costly materials. it is a plain rectangular dwelling with hipped roofs and occasional aluminum casement home windows. Technological makes use of also affect budget. New lighter roofing fabrics such as stone-coated stay away from roofing tiles save on the amount of wood trusses used to improve the roof.The selection of ranging from type also will have an affect on the expenses. Estates corresponding to Jericho in Eastlands sickness have been constructed on a raft type of foundation which is very reasonable to place up.The ground floor slab rests on small sized beams which are laid on top of the ground so no excavations and foundation walling is done.

On superstructure walling, within Nairobi area, masonry stone is readily available hence not expensive. A cost-effective way to achieve elegance is to have the stones hand-dressed to a pattern of your liking. Hand-dressed stones bring out character to your house and will save you in terms of maintenance since they virtually require no maintenance at all.Prefabricated houses are slowly coming into the Kenyan market. These houses are the solution to affordable housing in the developed economies such as USA, China and Europe and it's a matter of time till they find their niche in Kenya. In conclusion, architectural design and use of appropriate technology can greatly reduce the cost of construction of your house.

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